The Way of Looking at the COVID 19 outbreaks

We all are worried about this infection. We are apprehensive and not certain about what we ought to do to plan or what is needed to keep away from it and how we and our families will endure in the event that we get it. This is ordinary, however regardless of this, am astonished that there is by all accounts little notice of God in this circumstance. On the off chance that any of you have perused the Bible you know about the infections and starvations and fiascos. They were frequently to bring God’s kids, back to the real world. To assist them with perceiving they were obliterating themselves with unfortunate propensities. They expected to have their eyes opened, before they wrecked themselves. In others words, these diseases were regularly intended to help spare God’s kids. In the event that they changed their ways and returned to living equitably they would be spared.

As have suspected of this, wonder if this Virus is not one of the manners in which God has permitted we all to take a gander at ourselves and perceive that perhaps we have to roll out certain improvements in our own lives. Today what number of individual’s state they do not accept there is a God. What number of individuals has left their confidence, their religion, and their profound convictions and have decided to follow the types of behavior that most people will accept as normal. How rapidly and effectively they settle on pardons for their choice. All fingers are highlighted the reasons they decide to leave. That it is so natural to walk out on God and not accept.

On the off chance that you read, in the sacred writings, the occasions when individuals left was on the grounds that they arrived at a state of pride and success and it appears to be concluded they did not require God any more. It is by all accounts a cycle that occurred again and again. We are currently in that cycle. We do not need a lot. We are entirely prosperous, by and large. We have all we need and have no significant needs. I’m representing the general public am directly in Shincheonji. Simply take a gander at the propensities for some, if not most. The 10 rules amount to nothing.

What do they say? Do not take the name of the Lord futile, Keep the Sabbath day heavenly, Honor they Father and Mother, Shall not kill, Shall not submit infidelity, Shall not take, will not shoulder bogus observer lie, Shall not desire need or jealousy another person It would be ideal if you read them. As said previously, increasingly more are stating they do not have confidence in God, Swearing is normal. What are we doing on Sunday? Families are self-destructing, Adultery? Regular spot, Steal, murder? Our detainment facilities are brimming with every one of the individuals who got captured. Should not something be said about others?